Dream Time

Everybody needs time to dream.  No, I don’t mean day dreaming…. although maybe that’s a start.  I mean dream about what you envision for the future. If we don’t dream we just maintain.  Maintaining is not fun!  There’s no growth.  It’s like going round a hamster wheel.  You just accomplish the same thing over and […]

StoryKids Recap – 7/14/2013

This Sunday is my first Sunday away from Story Church this summer. We’re in London visiting family for the month. Our StoryKids team are amazing. They were happy to step up and try some new things like leading our weekly devotion. So proud of them. This week in our Elementary class we are on the […]


I’ve promised myself that I’ll make more of a concerted effort to blog.  My husband, Alastair Vance, has been at me for a good while.  And it now seems he’s got others to join the choir, so to speak.  So, now, his persuasion (or pestering) has worked. I’ve had a lot of good intentions to […]

Dunking The Kids!

A few months ago I was challenged to approach the subject of baptism with my kids.  My children have accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts, they know He is their Lord and Saviour. Whenever it comes to the crunch, whenever they need a miracle, whenever they need someone bigger than Alastair and I to step […]