Dream Time


Everybody needs time to dream.  No, I don’t mean day dreaming…. although maybe that’s a start.  I mean dream about what you envision for the future.

If we don’t dream we just maintain.  Maintaining is not fun!  There’s no growth.  It’s like going round a hamster wheel.  You just accomplish the same thing over and over.  When you dream of what can be you allow yourself to dream big.  You see a future where there’s improvements, more people, more detail.

When my children were young (and to be honest, even now sometimes) I felt that all I could afford to do was maintain.  My mind was drained and I was exhausted.  The last thing I did was dream.  As they’ve got older and become more independant, I’ve allowed to give myself some time.  I’ve re-entered the workplace, focused my attention on other things other than my kids and started to dream.

As the Children’s Ministry Director I see one of my roles as being a vision caster for our ministry.  To cast vision I need to dream.  When I take time out to do that at the beginning it can be hard, tiresome even.  But once one idea starts it just starts rolling.  More ideas come up.  That’s when the fun begins…


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