StoryKids Recap – 7/14/2013


This Sunday is my first Sunday away from Story Church this summer. We’re in London visiting family for the month. Our StoryKids team are amazing. They were happy to step up and try some new things like leading our weekly devotion. So proud of them.

This week in our Elementary class we are on the final week of our series, Super UII.  We are continuing to teach about how Jesus is our Super Hero and how He has given us the important job of reaching out to others in our lives. This might not be easy because we may be stretched to do something that may be uncomfortable but as we do it we realize it’s what God has called us to do and He empowers us.

The children got to make their own cool Super Heroes and write bios for each of their characters.  Give your child an opportunity to share with you about their Super Hero.  Ask them about the bio and why they chose the powers they have.

In our PreK/K class the children were on the final lesson of learning the importance of talking to God.  This is such an important lesson and the earlier we learn it the more dependent on prayer we become.  In any relationship talking is the key.  More so in our relationship with God.  This week we talked to the children about finding that quiet place and taking time out every day to have one-on-one time – them and God.

Every time I look at these lessons I see how it applies to me.  We teach our kids but these are definitely life lessons for us.


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