StoryKids Weekly Recap

Last Sunday our PreK/Kindergarten Class were told about Jonah and that big, hungry whale.  Our purpose was to explain that we can talk to God anywhere because He is everywhere!  What a great lesson!  We all need to know that we can’t escape from God (something that adults probably more than kids often need reminded of).  He is there. He’s patient and He’ll wait for us to call upon Him.  Remind your child (and yourself) that God answers simply because He loves you.  I love how are children’s lessons are told so simply.  Yet, we think that it’s simplicity is for our children’s sake.  I often look at these lessons and think that I need reminded of it.  If your child was in this class on Sunday ask them to use the super puppets they made to act out the story.  If you’d like to read it again with your kids, check out Jonah 1-2.

In our StoryKids Elementary Class, our children are learning about “God’s Super View”.  When we go through hard times self pity tries to find easy access to our hearts and minds.  We often think that we’re the only one who knows how bad it feels.  Nobody else would understand and often we convince ourselves nobody else cares.  Yet, the Bible tells us that Jesus was tempted and tried in the worst possible ways.  He went through hard times!  If it was us we’d probably be begging for God to take away the hard times.   Jesus’ prayer was for God to have His way.  He understood the greater purpose and saw the bigger plan.

We explained to the children that when you go through hard times we need to ask for God’s peace.  We need to ask that God will protect our heart and mind from being overwhelmed and we should ask for God’s strength to help get us through.

One of main aims as a mentor and leader to children is that we show them how practical the Bible is and how the principles that were written down 2000 years ago apply today.  We talk to them about situations they may have found themselves in, maybe at school or at home, and how they could handle it after hearing the lesson.  The kids would have taken home a MapBook.  Remind them to go through this.  Their mission this week was to write down the things that they want God to help them with.  One of my favorite verses was their memory verse: 1 Peter 5:7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you.”  

Special thanks are owed to all our leaders who served this week, Lauren, Starla, Roxanne, Grace, Danielle, Shawn, Annie and Rebecca.  You’re all amazing!


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