537442_536944159131_145267260_nI’ve promised myself that I’ll make more of a concerted effort to blog.  My husband, Alastair Vance, has been at me for a good while.  And it now seems he’s got others to join the choir, so to speak.  So, now, his persuasion (or pestering) has worked.

I’ve had a lot of good intentions to provide our parents at StoryChurch an update of what our kids learn in StoryKids.  Sure, we provide handouts after each lesson but I wanted to provide more.  For some reason it has only recently occurred to me that this could be through a blog!!!

My vision for StoryKids has always been that it should be about the family, not just the kids.  Realize it or not, parents still have a big influence on their children.  We need to engage the parents as well.  Every Sunday we tell kids that the Bible is practical, it’s for today.  If we engage our parents as well as the children then we encourage families to continue the lesson throughout the week in a practical way and not just on a Sunday.  When situations arise, parents can say “Hey, remember what you learnt in StoryKids this week?  What’s the wise choice to make?”

So, all us parents know what a struggle it can be to get our kids to talk about their days, or what they have learnt through their day (more so if you have boys).  Blood and stone come to mind here.  I’m gonna give it a go and create some write ups each week.   Be sure to watch this space for a weekly update on what we learn in StoryKids.  And yes, you too can pester me if I fail to get my blogging up and running.


4 thoughts on “StoryKids

  1. that’s really awesome! I’ve never gotten into the habit of working with lia on her lessons. your post is a reminder to me of how i’m slacking on such an important area of her life.

    • Thanks Jillien. Yeah, I think it’s something that we all find difficult. There’s just too many other things on. Yet, what they learn in class is how to use biblical principles everyday as second nature. Hopefully, these future blogs will be informative to parents.

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